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  • Use your NSW Discover Voucher for Nature Illuminated and save $25

Immerse Yourself in An Illuminated Botanical Extravaganza and Discover Magic In Every Moment!

See nature’s ever-changing beauty in a new light

Info - Nature Illuminated - Sydney Chinese Garden

Deep within the foliage of Sydney’s Chinese Garden lies a spectacle of light where the seasons change in the blink of an eye.

Cocktail in hand, admire this haven of natural beauty while accompanied by the gentle sounds of violins and cellos. Scattered throughout the garden you may even have the fortune of finding some friendly forest sprites, always keeping a watchful eye and maintaining the harmony between nature and humanity.

With the help of cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology and theatrical lighting, embark on a treasure hunt, interact with your surroundings, and experience the serenity of nature like never before.

What's included?

  1. Guests are invited to step into The Chinese Garden as it is transformed by theatrical lighting to reflect the four seasons.
  2. Sip on themed cocktails, enjoy music by a live string quartet, and participate in an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt around the garden, finding all the plants and animals for a reward.
  3. Guests who select the dining option can also enjoy a 90-minute feast at The Gardens by Lotus, a Teahouse-style dining space offering a selection of Chinese cuisine.
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Nature Illuminated - Sydney Chinese Garden


Pier Street, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Cnr Harbour St. Australia

The Chinese Garden of Friendship was built to symbolise the friendship between Sydney and the city of Guangzhou, and was formally opened as part of Australia’s Bicentennial Celebrations on 17 January 1988. In a collaborative effort, the Garden was designed by Chinese landscape architects and built by Australian craftsmen and specialists. Unlike western-style gardens, there are no formally laid out flowerbeds or manicured lawns; instead, wild aspects of nature are recreated in landscapes that feature waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and forests.
The garden follows the Taoist principles of 'Yin-Yang', the opposing yet complementary and balanced forces, and ‘Wu-Xing’, the five elements or phases—wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These principles also stress the importance of Qi, the central force of life and energy. When combined perfectly, the five elements form a fluid and nurturing environment. Everything in the garden has been carefully chosen and meticulously placed in order to incorporate the five elements, achieve a balance of Yin and Yang, and promote the flow of Qi, thus creating a sense of harmony and balance that is further enhanced by the beautiful lights of Nature Illuminated.



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Nature Illuminated

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